Manufactured Nature

Installation / 2017

The interactive installation “Manufactured Nature” was created as part of a university project.

This sculpture was an experiment of what you can do with a material that has the main purpose of serving as an artificial muscle. Electroactive polymers, or dielectric elastomers, are stretched 300%, then graphite powder is distributed. Subsequently high voltage (~5000V) is applied. Due to the current running through the material, the elastomer stretches even further and thus giving the illusion that the shapes move on their own. For this, we worked with spring steel to which we attached our actuators. All of the actuators are connected to an ultrasonic sensor that activates the EAPs once a person is within close proximity.

Materials: Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), PET-G, VHB, graphite, conductive copper tape, cables, arduino

University Project